Agency Creation and objectives


The Metropolitan Transportation Consortium Cordoba Area is the September 22, 2008. His articles are published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian No. 24 of February 25.

Legal Nature

The Metropolitan Transportation Consortium area Cordoba is a public entity and the associations, legal personality separate and distinct from that of its members, its own, autonomous management and extensive legal capacity as public law and private law as requires the realization of its goals.


The Consortium was constituted in order to articulate the economic, technical, and administrative consortium between administrations, in order to put together and coordinated their competences are in the creation and management of transport infrastructure and services, in the territory of member municipalities, developing its activities in accordance with the provisions of its statutes.

The main objective of the Consortium is to increase the share of public transport in general mobility. To do the steps that have been undertaken in the first phase are:

Establish a tariff framework simple and easy to understand for users, based on rates that depend on the jumps performed between zones that divide the metropolitan area of Cordoba and a decrease pricing pressure for the user.
Bringing the public transport system user via effective information that allows the system perceive as a quality alternative to the private car.